Please contact us as we always prefer to talk with you over the phone!

-Do you have fire-eaters, fire breathers, poi spinners, stilt walkers, fire dancers or fire jugglers available for hire?
Our range of performers and performances includes everything from magicians to fire performers and circus acts; we are all highly skilled and experienced in providing unique entertainment for UK and international audiences.

-How much does circus or fire entertainment cost to book?
Performer, and performance, prices vary according to the requested location, entertainment choice and the number of acts required. Please provide as much information as possible on enquiry to help us provide an accurate quote.

-Can fire performances take place indoors, on stage, or in nightclubs?
Many indoor venues are suitable for fire performances although there are safety considerations including ventilation, fire safety, permissions and alarms. Our skilled entertainers are very experienced in addressing these requirements and we are more than happy for you to contact us and discuss the options. If indoor fire entertainment isn’t possible we offer high tech choreographed glow shows as an exciting alternative.

-We require international fire and circus entertainment - do you perform outside of the US?
Yes. We are available for fire and circus performances worldwide. Although International performance requires more planning we are experienced, insured, and able to perform in most countries worldwide.

-Is fire performance dangerous? Are you insured for all of your entertainment? Do you carry out risk assessments?
Juggling and performing with fire has an element of danger to it. However we take every precaution to avoid any accidents. All of our circus and fire performers are highly experienced, fully insured and risk assessed. We always perform a site inspection to make sure there are no hazards or potential dangers. In fact we are experts in making fire-performing look more dangerous than it actually is - but keep that one under your hat!

-Do you offer firework or pyrotechnic displays?
We do offer fireworks, although our pyrotechnic finales for group and solo performances are equally spectacular. Whilst there is an extra cost involved, and strict health and safety regulations to be adhered to, it does represent a fabulous return on your investment!

-How much space do you need for a solo or group fire show?
The amount of space required for our fire entertainment shows varies. We work to technical specifications for fire performance and we are always happy to forward these to you on request. We can adapt most of our fire shows to fit smaller or larger spaces.

-Do you have circus entertainment or acts that don't involve fire?
Absolutely, we have jugglers, stilt walkers, glow jugglers, street theatre entertainers, knife throwers and aerialists. Within our performing crew we have a wide range of circus skills and acts.

-Are you an entertainment agency?
We are a small group of circus and fire performers who regularly perform, train and rehearse together. We do have many contacts in the circus and street theatre world and may be able to help with your requirements.

-What is the duration of fire shows, stiltwalkers, meet and greet, and fire performance?
We recommend a 20-25 minute fire show as the ideal duration, however we can put on longer shows if necessary. If we are performing a meet and greet or walkabout we usually perform three 30-45minutes sets depending on the act, type of event etc. If we are combining meet and greet or walkabout performance with a show we replace one of the ambient sets with a show.

-Where are you based?
Our main office is in Asheville, North Carolina.

-What is Glow Juggling?
Glow juggling involves the spinning and juggling of electronically illuminated props creating bold and beautiful images. See our video gallery and photos galleries for more of an idea about all of our fire skills, circus acts and entertainment options.